Theta Nutrition

Yoga Retreat 7th April 2017

Wicklow Ireland – specially crafted Yoga Retreat 7th April 2017. Booking required. Only 10 spaces. Unique location Laragh road, Wicklow, Ireland … Read More

Theta Eats

A healing salad that will get the creative juices flowing…   There is a lingering magic in the Autumn breeze after the Yogameon retreat here last weekend. The type of magic energy needed to destroy old patterns and welcome change…everything … Read MoreRead More

Step Four, Love your Body, Love Food

Food for more energy and a healthy lifestyle. … Read More

5 detox tips for Spring

Detox is not a scary word. Often our bodies know how and when to detox all by themselves. Spring is a super time to start thinking about cleansing. Just a few small steps can lead to a lighter feeling you. … Read More

Spring rituals: creative conception

An intensity is lost through spring. The grip of the still of winter lets loose its hold. A gentler breath moves through the trees again. I wrote previously on the blog posts about preparing for winter. I am lushily feeling … Read More

2015 – To Be, wild and free!

Have you set any new year’s resolutions or do you feel you already have too many to keep? Sometimes setting goals can mean that ‘someday’ when we have achieved these goals we can be happy. Isn’t it better to live life … Read More

Our Berlin feast and tips for Christmas travels

If you cannot Howl, you cannot find your pack! All my howling about veganism in the last article made my mother-in-law think I was going to take anyone to court that murders animals! But for me the crux of it … Read More

The Theta way to Thrive on a Plant Based diet

Human freedom to choose kale chips!

Kant you just hear the crunch? Let’s think about Kale for a minute – a seriously enduring en trend ‘treat’. Although not everyone sees kale as a treat. Personally I could eat it for lunch and dinner every day. Turn … Read More

Beetroot devotion

One day last week I realised that Beetroot is just so good it really should go in cake, raw! The colour and the rootiness of it just take food to a whole other level. I have even been using it … Read More

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