Five ways to Happiness: Step two

The second of your five step process for creating happiness. … Read More


little poem … Read More

Morning Whispers

Dreaming of foxgloves…

This morning. … Read More

Yes love

As a lawyer, as a lover, as a strong believer in equal rights, I wanted to take the opportunity to write a brief post on the momentous occasion of yesterday when we said, as a people, united,  f*ck yeah to … Read More

Poem and Parenthood

Washing out the brushes, I am becoming woman. Wearing out the pipes, You became an eagle. For it was in the 17 years that we left her that she re-formed her keenest ears. Melting into muses, confiscating silence. Learned the … Read More

Spring rituals: creative conception

An intensity is lost through spring. The grip of the still of winter lets loose its hold. A gentler breath moves through the trees again. I wrote previously on the blog posts about preparing for winter. I am lushily feeling … Read More

Can we stay here today?

Can we stay tonight? Just a little longer, til tomorrow? Forging our way through, an unearthly view. Seeing what we had not known. The front house, our old beautiful house, standing at least for 100 years, saw a mushroom re-sprouting … Read More

Saturday’s Confession

The morning is fresh. A regular February day, as if we have always been here. Always lived and grown on this land. Crisp strands of clouds wave overhead. Sun shines cold, making way for flakes of snow to flare down … Read More

To Begin

Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Awards

I really enjoyed the Jonathan Swift Creative Writing Awards day at Red Rua in Tallaght. There’s something really special about hearing poetry read aloud in a room full of engaged enthusiasts. Being shortlisted and commended for my poem also made … Read More