Breakfast paps


This has been breakfast for the last five days. David befriended a guy in the smithfield fruit markets in Dublin 7. He imports exotic locally sourced fruits. He can always tell us exactly where they are from, whether they are organic and lets us taste and examine til our hearts content. These are just so so good.paps

The best way to hydrate in the morning is to start with a good sized mug of warm lemon water. Squeeze the juice of almost a full lemon into the water. If you fancy extra zing sprinkle some cayenne pepper or for a winter warmer some tumeric.

I like to have this every morning before I eat anything. It gives a good clean to the entire system before you ‘break the fast’. Its nice then to eat fresh fruit or have a smoothie before eating anything else. In fact if you can do this until midday or longer, ie keep eating fruits you are doing great!

For example see how lots of lovely fruits blended together can make for a delicious morning smoothie bowl.

smoothie bowl
chia and mulberry dustings

This one just has 3 bananas, water, one nectarine, a few grapes and dates. 

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