Blood Moon Pulsing Creativity


Is your blood pulsing creative juices after the lunar eclipse?

‘Creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.’ Max Ernst

Finding what makes your creative energy surge is such an important, often neglected, yet essential skill to seek out and pay attention to in your daily life.

In complete solitude we can find most peace. For example walking can change your whole mind set. I notice it even when walking with others, I speak more openly, more clearly.

Thoughts become centred on the moment. Then usually I notice after a walk that I can cook peacefully or write when that pervading lasting sense of calm rules my body. Of course it helps if we walk in nature.

Paying attention to what your senses and brain neurons respond well to can aid you in finding your creative flow.

Notice what textures appeal to you. Wood is a grounding one for me. Bright yellow flowers – for example the gorse bush and its fragrance get my juices flowing. A certain colour or smell can help you travel back in time to a moment you may have forgotten in your past or your childhood. Lighting bonfires for May day or running in the forest as a child.

Where to go to feel your deepest connection with your inner self?

We spend 9/10 months in our mother’s womb. Wise sages say that the earth has the same percentage of water as the human body does.

This connection to water remains in us and to the elements. Sitting by a river listening to the gush and flow of the water or being beside the ocean to watch the tide ebb and flow reminds us of the great waters of mother earth.

There are so many opportunities to weave nature’s aesthetic into every day living, helping to serve and inspire you. If we make an effort to look up and see the sky, we might find the blues and whites and golds and reds can really revitalize you. Following on from my article reciting new moon releases – stop, notice, pay attention, listen and trust.


With everything passing and changing all the time, we see that nothing is permanent, not even change itself.

The very reality you have created, the conscious life that you are living can also change.

The universe is one whole being, vibrating organism – you as creator hold the key to unlocking how you see and fit into everyday life or don’t fit, depending on your choices. Changing your thought patterns changes your energy field, attracting to you and into your life what you are giving out. “Set aside how your reality appears. See the universe as an inseparable whole—-one hologram made up of a vast web of interwoven possibilities.”

Becoming an open awareness, surrounding yourself with those on a similar frequency to you and shifting your perspective to doing things that resonate with your heart’s desire, creates a quantum leap to manifesting your own reality.

If you struggle with the concept of shifting your awareness to let a different reality express itself through you, then try starting your day with affirmations. Here are a few to get you started. Try one each morning:


  1. I honour my innate wisdom by trusting the signals my body sends.

  2. I am attuned to the natural rhythm of the universe.

  3. Today I will radiate peace and joy.

  4. I trust in my body’s intuition.

  5. My body carries out tasks easily, I recognise the power of my mind.

  6. Today is a good day. I am one with the earth.

  7. The universe has my back. There is nothing for me to fear.

During the day you can try to meet up with other shining souls and spread your light and create the most amazing reality together.

On a personal level, my maternal body is undergoing a re-wiring as I travel deep into the spirit world to connect with growing life,  becoming the person I wish to be to support new life on the earth plane. New neural pathways are being stimulated to facilitate this and am feeling powerful creative shifts thanks to the eclipses and life pulsing within.

Featured opening painting by the Cavewomban, a beautiful soul I have recently connected with on IG.

 Watch out for the next post – how to use the creative flow you have awakened.


  1. Michelle

    Lovely affirmations! I am reading them aloud to Méabh! X

    • avondaleretreat

      Thanks Michelle! They work wonders too. Lucky baby Méabh.

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