Beetroot devotion


One day last week I realised that Beetroot is just so good it really should go in cake, raw! The colour and the rootiness of it just take food to a whole other level. I have even been using it as lip dye lately too instead of those horrible lipsticks full of toxins which leave me not wanting to lick my lips after food… and I cant not do that for long! I find that when I eat beetroot it makes me feel like my blood has come alive and rushes around my body giving extra zing, vitality and joy to my cells. That might just be me… but I will eat beetroot roasted, boiled, marinated, pickled, juiced, and raw in dessert. It is just so delicious.

Beetroot is often considered a healing medicinal food for painful menstrual cycles or headaches. beetroot juice is commonly known as a cure for high fever, anemia, influenza, pneumonia, it also helps repair kidney, liver and bile. Read more online and you will be AMAZED AT THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF THE BEEEETIFUL BEETS in our world.

For this dessert (as per usual its a raw, vegan, gluten free, nut free version) , I used soaked buckwheat groats. (just for 20 minutes) So simple, yet they add a new tasty layer of texture to the base. This also has plenty of yummy fruit in here in the form of dates. And the top is a version of a fudge recipe that I have been experimenting with of late. I also have lots of chia in here, because I just never can resist an extra dash of protein. I always have a bag of it somewhere in the kitchen.
Who ever said we cant have fruit and vegetables in our sweets? Munch into this, its the perfect autumn snack and great for midday hunger attacks because you dont have to feel guilty about getting all this goodness in.


You will need for the base:
1/2 Cup pre soaked organic raw buckwheat groats;
1/2 cup of oats;
1 cup dates;
1 peeled fresh raw beetroot;
1 tbsp chia soaked in water;
1/4 cup shredded coconut

Blend it all together and pop in the fridge

For the top fudge layer
melt 2 tbsp of coconut oil;
mix in 3/4 cup tahini;
blend together with approx 10  dates
add pomegranate if you have some handy

spread on the top and place in the freezer for an hour
then enjoy!
thereafter keep in the fridge

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  1. Ann-Marie

    This one looks so delicious! I didn’t think anyone could be as mad about beetroot as Noelers! Will have to share this recipe with her asap

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