Avondale Retreat Yoga

Yoga is starting on 5th October at Avondale Retreat studio.

We are very excited to host our first 6 week yoga course at the newly designed studio. I have previously taught yoga in the Elbow room, for Hush Yoga and in other studios around Dublin city but not since our move to Rathdrum have we held a set course so you can expect this to be a good one!

As many of you know, the renovations first started in October 2013. We’ve done so much ourselves – getting that paintbrush out on a saturday morning, digging out the old bricks, lifting clay from where there used to be a floor, pouring our heart and soul into the creation of this retreat centre. Its been an amazing journey. And we want you to enjoy it fully and make use of what it has to offer for many many years to come.

Dreaming of the Kripalu centre and other retreat venues (Yoga Magic) in India and China that we’ve encountered on our travels have inspired us to follow this dream and welcome all the seekers here to learn with us what it means to live a vivid, present, conscious ‘soul-full’ life. Not eating animals. Not mistreating our bodies…instead watching how we can heal ourselves, in mind and body.

Yoga means a lot to me as an individual. As a movement it can bring people into conscious awareness, waking them up to themselves and seeing the world through clearer eyes. Not to mention recognising and realising the power of the body.

We are not perfect by any means. We’ve had our stresses, our pains preparing this centre and certainly in the past. We hope that in attending Avondale Retreat you will experience the light and love we feel in our own lives and that that exists on this planet. For now, we will sit in the yoga room, breathe together, stretch together, yawn, open our hearts and minds, expand our consciousness, relax, relieve and embrace our bodies in whatever form that takes. We welcome all here at Avondale Retreat. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you.

Surround yourself with those you lift you higher. 


According to Deepak Chopra: THE SOUL IS REVEALED WHEN . . .

  • You feel centred.
  • Your mind is clear.
  • You have the sensation that time has stopped.
  • You suddenly feel free of boundaries.
  • You are keenly self-aware.
  • You feel merged with another person, either in love or silent communion.
  • You feel untouched by aging and change.
  • You feel blissful or cstatic.
  • You have an intuitive flash that turns out to be true.
  • You somehow know what is going to happen.
  • You sense the truth.
  • You feel supremely loved or absolutely safe.


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