S1480007Seeing as my beau is currently completely transforming the master bedroom-to-be, using his handyman skills. I decided to make him something special before I head on a spa treat time with some powerful legal women in my life. He has transformed a brick wall and is currently painting a floor bright blue! He more than deserves me to leave him something tasty to eat theta treat wise today!

This is also just so easy to make and scrumptious I simply had to post it~
All you really do is chop apples, douse them in lemon, coconut palm sugar and cover them in oats and any kind of flour you like and there you have it gluten free apple and oat pie. (more detailed instructions below but really that is about the size of it!) YUM!

Why do I like Apples??

Apart from the fact that when they are cooked they smell divine… I love apples because they are a V special fruit, ONE OF THE WORLDS HEALTHIEST FOODS, providing so many benefits to our health as they containantioxidants, flavanoids, cancer fighting chemical compounds, vitamins and minerals. Apples are a member of the rose family and roses are beautiful so let’s eat them!

They grow everywhere from China to Turkey… but some of the best apples I have ever tasted come directly from an Irish back garden. Apples symbolize health, love and fertility.
I remember using them to clean my teeth as a child!

I understand that not everyone loves to bite into a raw apple or more a day and sometimes that comes down to the varieties available in the shop and the fact they are often covered in pesticides. That is why I do recommend making up a bottle of the following:

2 tbs White wine vinegar
1 tsp baking soda
cup of water

for spraying all over those good apples we CAN buy in Ireland before munching into them. This will kill anything that might be unwelcome on your otherwise delicious apple!

I sprayed all these before I got to chopping them. Any they look mighty fine in the bowl.

Apples are also brain food. Yes! Apples contain high levels of boron, which stimulates electrical activity of the brain and increases mental alertness. so have leftovers for lunch at work or during study hours at college.20140914_140142

You will need:
4 good sized apples
sprinkling coco palm sugar
juice of one lemon
3 cups oats (I used gluten free)
1.5 cups brown rice flour (or any  flour u like)
2 tbsp coco palm sugar
pinch himalayan salt
4 tbs coco oil melted
2 tbs brown rice syrup(optional goo for mixing into topping)

Once you have chopped the apples just cover them in the juice of one lemon. Sprinkle on coconut palm sugar and cinammon and nutmeg and put them in the oven proof dish you intend to use. (you can add a clove or two if you like that flavour)

Then in a bowl mix together the flour, coconut oil, oats, salt, cinnamon and there you have your nice topping which you cover the apple in and pop it in the oven until it is golden brown and smells like heaven in your kitchen~!

Near the end of cooking sprinkle on some pumpkin seeds if you have them handy.


Try this out! There are many variations on this perfectly viable sunday lunch dessert option (which is what we are having today) for example sprinkling with pomegranate, and adding seeds or nuts or even rice syrup into your topping. I fancified it and I gobbled it up! haha.

Next up, I will show you how to make the nicest ever vegan ice-cream.


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