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Earth Medicine

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The Earth Medicine meditations series works to catalyze your emergence to a blissful life by instigating a shift from a state of intention or desire to the acceptance of the actualisation of the powerful gifts that are present right here, right now.

Carpe Diem

Join Helen for her Earth Medicine online meditation series to get your theta brainwaves firing and catalyze your creative and spiritual flame. New meditation released to the group every Monday.

Give yourself space to surrender.
Arrange the time solely for yourself with 20 minutes to fully immerse. Harness the power of awakening that is already yours.
Best with blankets, cushions, warmth & no substances.
Let tears flow, let energy release. It is all there to be felt & processed.
Remember, you are held and supported in this letting go. There is no limit to our conscious field of awareness. It is a continuous energy stream and we can all tap into this one that has come through so strongly today.