re-think tank

So I was busying myself today with a review of a case on product liability, not the usual legal stuff I deal with but it had to do with the termination of a contract between a supplier and the guys who previously needed his products but had decided they could compete themselves quite easily so they abruptly ended the contract unfairly. It made me think about the things we do, creatively and work wise… and also a friend of mine who has a habit of burning her paintings.

We want to live in accord with our highest and best selves. Whatever it is you produce – poetry, photography, novels, food, art, documents in a work place, sometimes you just want to reach the finish line, the end product.
It is only then that we can go back and reflect on what we have produced. how does it sit with us? Are we happy with what we have? (in all areas) Can we do better?

I think rather than abandon things we have done in the past, or mid way through if things get tough, often it is essential to take time, get past the cringe and re-visit them we will find some shining gem among the produce! Something we could really use. Of course if we find we do not like our originals then we can always use our fresh perspective to clean them up, press refresh.

What I am saying is it is not always useful to mass produce and reject what we are capable of. So often there is something to be gleaned from whatever we have done, something that can be salvaged used and/or improved on if we just take some time, care and re-love whatever we have created.

Value the effort and your work. Go back and revisit after some time.
Do not burn after reading! Push yourself to look again, even if it hours, or years later. You might just see things more clearly.

Above photo courtesy of Michelle Greer. (Cliffs of Moher retreat).



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