Monthly Archives: March 2015

Poem and Parenthood

Washing out the brushes, I am becoming woman. Wearing out the pipes, You became an eagle. For it was in the 17 years that we left her that she re-formed her keenest ears. Melting into muses, confiscating silence. Learned the … Read More

5 detox tips for Spring

Detox is not a scary word. Often our bodies know how and when to detox all by themselves. Spring is a super time to start thinking about cleansing. Just a few small steps can lead to a lighter feeling you. … Read More

Spring rituals: creative conception

An intensity is lost through spring. The grip of the still of winter lets loose its hold. A gentler breath moves through the trees again. I wrote previously on the blog posts about preparing for winter. I am lushily feeling … Read More

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