2015 – To Be, wild and free!

Have you set any new year’s resolutions or do you feel you already have too many to keep? Sometimes setting goals can mean that ‘someday’ when we have achieved these goals we can be happy. Isn’t it better to live life to the fullest now? Decide to be happy now, not when some far off goal is achieved. Squeeeeeeeze happiness out of every moment.

Personally I have set nothing specific and yet some ideas that have been whirling around in my head for a few months that have come fluidly into being.

I like to fantastise that I have mastered the mechanism in my brain known as the Reticular Activiating System. (‘RAS‘) This rather complex sounding power determines what you will notice and pay attention to. Your mind can only focus on a limited number of elements at any one time. We happen to possess an editing tool. Your brain actually expends energy deciding what not to pay attention to, RAS is responsible for this.

I have discussed this in working operation many times with people. Have you ever learned about something completely new, like the benefits of green juice, and then you see green juice advertised in every cafe that you never saw before!? Or even bought a new car and then its everywhere on the road? Your learning about green juice (if you decided to register it) or buying that car, was a clear demonstration that this is now significant and your RAS recognises this needs to be noted. You suddenly have a heightened awareness of the benefits of something that has been around keeping people healthy for a long time!

Allowing the shift in mental perspective aligns you more precisely with your goals, enabling you to bring them to fruition. The continual attention you pay to something that keeps registering on your RAS will eventually move itself into your life.

One goal that I have had for many months is to start every morning with a fresh green juice which contains the following:

4 sticks of Organic Celery, One organic cucumber, 2/3 apples, and fresh ginger.


I mix it up of course but this is an exciting Energy Buzz!

Sometimes I squeeze in grapefruit, lemon or sprinkle a dash of cayenne pepper. Or Carrots. Or blend in some spinach for that extra kick.

But stick to celery and cucumber – it is an amazing cleanse. It is what my body seems to have always asked me to do. The thing is I don’t really think this is easy for everyone. In fact I know it is not. 6 years ago this would have been so far from my radar… 10 years ago it would have been a greasy fry on Camden street regularly for breakfast. There is no need to force yourself to juice this every day if all you actually want and/or need is a coffee or a cup of tea. I just know that once you start to meditate, do yoga, expend copious amounts of time in nature, this is what you will be drawn towards drinking.

Your body will actually demand it! It took me years and years to finally quit tea and coffee, it really did. Any time I used to say I am off caffeine it would last only a very short time. It was the same with alcohol. After a weekend binge drinking I was never touching the stuff again…until the next weekend rolled around.

Now things are different, my body’s needs have changed. It doesnt want junk, or stimulants. It wants the best of the best! It wants freedom from addictions, freedom from illness, freedom from reliance. And as a result, I am more free. If I have my juice at 8am or 10am it doesnt really bother me. If I dont have a smoothie or a juice til 4pm or 8pm it still doesnt bother me. But I know my body will cry out at some point and be like hey where’s all that goodness?? Give it to me!!

Instead of asking your body to do things it may not be ready for just yet why not make some easy to keep ‘resolutions’ if we are making any at all. If you find yourself connected to nature you might just start conjuring up green juices. It happens, green is everywhere afterall!! And they taste godhood.

Some examples would be:


  • Hug more trees! This might sound slightly mad but it really is a wonderful thing to do. Go find the biggest tree you can – touch them, breathe in the O2, feel the leaves, hug their big trunks, listen them, rest your belly on the bark and connect with nature.


  • Plant some herbs this year. Coriander, parsley, chives, mint are all easy to grow and can be done on any windowsill anywhere. You get tasty additions to anything you make, fresh and on hand.
  • Decide to truly nourish yourself at least once a week. I dont mean you have to start juicing every day but if you do Great!! Just decide that you will pop into a juice bar or a healthy eaterie and stock up on goodness. A few places in Dublin might include blazing salads, cornucopia or alchemy. Pick up something you know your body will thank you for! Or go even further promise yourself at least one vegan/vegetarian dish a week. Yum!


  • What makes you smile?? Do more of that stuff! For me it will be turning up the stereo and dancing around the kitchen while making food and juicing. 😉


  • And dont forget to eat those greens!! – that’s where the goodness really lies. (pat yourself on the back when you eat anything like broccoli, kale, spinach, parsley, you are giving your body little powerhouses to feed on and from there we sprout and grow!)

All good things are wild, and free.’ Henry David Thoreau




  1. Michelle

    Great goal! Do you use a whole cucumber per drink?! X

    • avondaleretreat

      Thanks Michelle! Yes that whole juicy, refreshing cucumber goes right in there. Hydration at its finest! X

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