Monthly Archives: October 2014

On Taking Risks and Being Authentic

On Saturday 25th October, we had the honour of welcoming great spiritual (r)evolutionaries to warm the bamboo flooring of our brand new yoga studio. The floor itself was finally in place Thursday afternoon. The guests arrived on Saturday! Pressure – what … Read More

First step to creative inspiration

I don’t always think long term. I am not a big life planner with far off goals. I prefer to take immediate action, knowing that the steps I take today are the ones that lead to change over time and … Read More

Poem: Brother, soldier believe

Poem written by Helen Gatenby-Holt … Read More

Thoughts on a friend’s wisdom

When you wake in the morning, try consciously letting out a deep exhale. This will allow you then to take a longer inhale and will make a difference to your experience of waking up. Watching the autumn leaves swan-dive from the … Read More

Phoenix way

It has been a long road… well a full year since we first bought our Phoenix House and today we made some great headway. There is a huge vista of thick woodland, hills and the valley to be viewed from … Read More

Westport Poetry Competition 2014 and Poem: Seven Seas

Background to the Poem entry: In August 2013, I went to Sligo with two friends to stay at the Gyreum, eco lodge. It was on this weekend just over one year ago that I visited Dooney Rock for the first … Read More

Poem: Galvanised

Uploaded 4th October 2014 … Read More

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