Monthly Archives: September 2014

What is Theta Yoga

Do you ever hear a piece of music that induces a loving memory, a strong feeling or recollection? Do you ever experience sensory organs in action, such as the smell of a warm apple pie baking, and it reminds you … Read More

Beetroot devotion

One day last week I realised that Beetroot is just so good it really should go in cake, raw! The colour and the rootiness of it just take food to a whole other level. I have even been using it … Read More


Working from home it is easy to get lost in a web of photography, IG, work, headstands and cooking or uncooking random vegan things in the kitchen. So how do I suddenly get spurts of creative outlook? Why do I … Read More

10 reasons to do headstand every day

I am always hopping into this pose.. why? Here are at least 10 very good reasons:  … Read More

Poem: Old notions

Uploaded 22nd September 2014 … Read More

Peaches and Cream

I woke up this morning as if I had wind in my hair and a paintbrush in my hand and I was standing on top of a mountain, ready to paint in broad-stroke my whole life. Strange way to wake … Read More

Raw energy bars

Who doesnt like tasty vegan filling energy giving bars? These bad boys are a winner in my books. Easy to whip up and good for your sexy body. They are gluten free, nut free, sugar free, guilt free and rocking … Read More

Poem: Show your head

Uploaded 18th September 2014 … Read More

re-think tank

So I was busying myself today with a review of a case on product liability, not the usual legal stuff I deal with but it had to do with the termination of a contract between a supplier and the guys who previously … Read More

Poem uploaded 17th September 2014

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